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Mamba FX is a very powerful and flexible node-based shot compositor from SGO.
It is based on the image technology behind the SGO Mistika - an ultra high-end
post production system used on some of the world's biggest feature films.
Mamba FX includes many built-in effects such as optcal flow based re-timing and
de-noising, as well as a wide variety of filters. These are supported by infinite layer
compositing, tracking, keying, morphing and painting. Mamba FX is a software solution
that runs on generic computer hardware.

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//Mamba Video Tutorials
//About Mamba hosts exclusive video tutorials made by established VFX
artist David Cox, about the SGO Mamba FX compositing software. Follow the
links below to try or buy Mamba and view the video tutorials.
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Official Mamba FX user forum
For general "how to" tips, it is better to post a question at the offical Mamba FX forums. Please click the link below:

Please make contact with any questions about this website. is owned by
Forward Thinking Media Ltd
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//Mamba FX Details
Output files
Input files
*Optional Extras
Extending Mamba
Core facilities
Native camera file support for RED, ARRI, SONY ETC
Direct DCP digital cinema package creation
Industry leading stereo alignment tools
Upgraded output to support 4K resolution and above
Supports OFX Plug Ins
Manipulate Mamba files with external scripting
Complete VFX / Mastering integration with Mistika

16 Bit Floating Point Image Processing
GPU Accelerated Performance
High Dynamic Range (HDR) Supported
High Frame Rate (HFR) Supported
Colour space agnostic
ACES compliant

Node based interface
Unlimited composting layers
Unlimited colour grading layers
Unlimited roto shapes per layer

Variety of compressed and uncompressed movie formats
ProRes, MPEG4, QT Uncompressed etc
Variety of compressed and uncompressed image formats
DPX, TIFF, JP2000, PNG, TGA, EXR etc
DCP creation*

Most movie formats supported
Most image sequence formats supported
No transcoding required for supported formats
Direct access to RED, ARRI, SONY and PHANTOM files*
Any input resolution or frame rate, subject to hardware

Colour / Luminance Keying
Tracking & Stabilising
Roto shapes
Colour Correction
Optical Flow Re-Timing
Optical Flow de-noise
Optical Flow frame repair
Vector paint
Pattern, noise and grain
Bump, distort and refract
RGBA Channel maths
Stereo image alignment*

Download a free trial of Mamba FX
Buy Mamba FX now from just 239 Euros
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Current members get immediate access to all new tutorials as they are posted. So as Mamba FX developes, the tutorial library expands with it.

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